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    What Are You Listening To?

    Månegarm - Vredens Tid
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    Enslaved - E
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Saint Vitus -Born TooLate
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Rancid - ..And Out Come the Wolves
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    Considering that the majority of my art-making these days is for illustrations, I figured I should start a promo thread to share my paintings and other work. If you've stumbled across this while looking for someone to do album artwork, you're welcome to contact me, but my schedule is pretty full for the time being. Here are a couple of recent illustrations to start off. I'm finally able to share a good image of this piece from earlier in the year - "Justice", a cover for Bethledeign's upcoming album "Iconography Of Suffering": Here's a montage of paintings I created as background for the interior layout of the album: Here (again) is the cover image for In Human Form's upcoming album "III": And here are some older ones that I may have shared elsewhere - two variants of a cover for the Autumn Tears EP "The Origin Of Sleep":
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    I found some old sketchbooks from 10-15 years ago. Thought I'd lost them. Here are a handful of drawings:
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    Awesome piece. . and I think you may do ..
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    I just stumbled across this drawing from a little over twenty years ago - right before I went to college. Colored pencil and India ink on wood. There was this girl I liked whose parents were regular customers at the restaurant I worked at, and they bought this from me as a gift for her during my "leaving for art school" sale. She was a hell of a piano player. Nine and a half years after that, she and I got married, and now we can finally hang this up in the new place. I kinda wonder if having the painting and the girl means I owe my in-laws their money back.
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    Here are a couple of fun "process animations" from my website showing paintings from initial stages to completion: Traveler: Victory: And here are some side by side photos showing the same process. Sometimes the first couple layers are loose and the image comes into focus slowly, which is how I prefer to paint, but if I need something to be laid out really accurately (like the illustration above), I'll start with a drawing.
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    I can finally share this piece I did last summer for the upcoming Afterbirth album, "Four-Dimensional Flesh":
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    And here's some of my personal (non-illustration) work from the last several years. Episteme: Absence: Mother: The Farmer: Gabriel: Mary:
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    The inside cover of Black Harvest's "Abject": Here's one I did a couple years ago for a New England-based doom band called Marrowfields: The cover for Pseudo/Sentai's "Enter The Sentai" - weird prog stuff, from NYC but since relocated: