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  2. Man, the town I'm in feels empty to me right now. The best place in town just closed up permanently, and it's truly irreplaceable as a venue and social hub. A couple other good businesses run by good people have either closed or moved, a few others cut their hours, and a couple of friends moved out of the state... All in the past three or four weeks! Bummer. More incentive to stay home and work on paintings and practice playing my instruments, I suppose.
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  4. Satanic Warmaster - The Vampyric Tyrant
  5. Mournful Congregation - The Incubus Of Karma
  6. ____ NP: Slidhr - The Futile Fires Of Man
  7. "Further Down the Nest" - Mgla Lucky! It looks like (at least according to youtube) they have been playing some songs off of their new album at their concerts recently.
  8. Greetings, [4672] from Poland here, We'd like to say Hi to all fans of twisted, weird and mind bending metal, hope you guys heard our latest album [aether]? if not make sure to google us, spotify, iTunes or find us on other streaming platform, we're practically everywhere now, if you still can't find us then drop us an email, we'll try to reply same day depends on the time zone, for anyone interested in physical or digital media feel free to reach out as well, we can send you direct link to download as long as you share it with your mates! finally, we'd like to ask you for a favour, help us out in classifying our genre by dropping an email with some ideas! or simply saying what you like or don't about [4672], in return we'll send you our latest album in mp3 by wetransfer, fair? then we're waiting for your emails! in the mean time have a look at this: thanks dem4672[at]o2.pl
  9. The Black Dahlia Murder - various tracks. Never really given this band much attention so spinning a shuffle list to see if there is anything to truly grab me. And I take a pass on that... NP: Devourment 'Obscene Majesty'
  10. I generaly like Horna. Very good but not truly great, 7.89/10.
  11. Darkfall - "Ash Nazg - One Ring" Gonna see them in a few days, I am so ready!
  12. @Requiem pretty sure I understood the word 'pint' correctly in the other post you mentioned me now. I like you. Edit: It's evening now and I am drunk and a a little stoned. Feeling the essence a little more. What I mean by that is the will to grow. Going to meditate a little before a nighttime gym session. No one can take the will to grow from you. Hail. (Getting edgy there)
  13. @Requiem I stay sober at work. Could be that I show up hungover though. However, I think I was not sober 1 day at school the last few years I had. Funnily enough the teachers tried to grade me according to my motivation and how much they liked me (was not too popular, though I never rebelled, sabotaged or acted out in class). Even more funny, in the finals I was the best of the whole year with almost straight A's. I also hope I understood the word 'pints' correctly because if not my whole post would be pointless.
  14. Drunk on a Monday and it wasn't even my fault! It was in this order: 1. Being in the city 2. Black metal 3. Alcohol tastes good and deciding Tuesday will be a home day 4. Getting home and listening to more black metal and drinking more alcohol. 5. Mgla. Forever and ever. Mgla.
  15. Mgla - 'Exercises in Futility'
  16. Black Harvest 'Abject' - not an intentional listen but I was trying to start a shuffle on my iPad and pressed the wrong button and it has played this through near enough now. A nice, unexpected lunchtime accompaniment.
  17. Thyrfing - 'Farsotsider' If you haven't heard this album, you need to now. Greatest metal vocals of all time. Thomas Vaananen. Also check out their 'Vansinnesvisor' album. Not just perfect viking metal albums, but the pinnacle of extreme metal vocals. Dark Funeral - 'Where Shadows Forever Reign' Easily the best Dark Funeral album pound for pound. I know that live, next month, they're just going to be blasting white noise as usual. I don't know what the answer is, but there has never been a band that I've known so well from 15 years of close listening and never been able to pick the song live due to the shitty white noise blast that they do. Great album though, this. They've just nailed the Dark Funeral ambience. It's amazing.
  18. Should have had some pints with me. They were awesome.
  19. Mgla - 'Exercises in Futility'
  20. Probably no one in here will be going there, but there is a slim chance someone is going, ain't it? Every year Austrian Extreme Metal Fans gather in a forest on a mountain to celebrate their love for the genre, though not only locals are coming as I see Flags from different countries like Finland or Poland every year there. I am not sure how many people will be there this year, but my ticket is numbered a little below 1100. I am going to leave the official poster there for anyone interested. 2 days to go. I am pumped.
  21. Netherbird - The Ferocious Tides of Fate
  22. I love horror. I also love true crime, shock videos, urban legends and the like. Some YouTube Channels I can recommend are Horror Stories - It's talking about real-life events, some of which leaving people permanently scarred and also missing people who have never been found. Count Dankula - "Absolute Mad Lads"-Series is talking about crazy people, sometimes funny, sometimes, dangerous, sometimes just weird in the brain, entertaining, can recommend. This channel archived all the Columbine discussions by TCC. Really interesting topic, I love it. Oh, and by the way, anyone knows some background information about the now almost 27 year old video "mortuary of the dead"? It's such a mysterious video and not knowing too much about it is really hitting me hard. I wanna know who these people were and what they do now, but I am pretty sure I won't ever know.
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