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  2. Zinfandel from a box. Middle age is coming at me like a freight train.
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  4. Never heard of this, it sounds appealing.
  5. Usipian - Dead Corner of The Eye Obscure gem. 2005 old school-style Danish death metal album.
  6. Baphomet - The Dead Shall Inherit
  7. Abigor - Nachthymnen ...I crossed paths with their music every so often throughout the years, but never really vibed with them until a few months ago, when I was put onto this album by the drummer I'm currently playing with. This is classic 90's melodic black metal, immediately identifiable as such yet with its own voice. Great melodies, inventive, energetic, with some parts that I wake up thinking about. Don't know why it took me so long to warm up to this band. Convulsing - Grievous ...when I first heard this band I dismissed them as yet another Ulcerate wannabe. The similarities are unavoidable but they have more in their pocket. Well-written, well-played disso-death with nice dynamics, a good sense of pacing, and appealingly dark vibes throughout. Howling Sycamore - Seven Pathways To Annihilation ...recently busted this back out after a bit of a break, and I have to say it's just as good as I could have wanted from them. It may not be as catchy as the debut, and it may take more work to get into, but it's got a lot of great moments that make me sit up and take notice. Hasn't worn out its welcome around here in the slightest.
  8. Malignant Altar - Retribution Of Jealous Gods
  9. NICE ALBUM, INDEED SIR!!! 🙂 Hope it's ok to comment here... when I hear this album it reminds me a lot of "Flamen - Furor Lunae" (2019) I think Flamen is from Italy maybe there's a link behind this sentence on band's name... hope you like this as much as I've taken to your reviewed album too!
  10. Hello everyone! I just joined here and have been learning my way around your Forum all last night! By reading through all the different posts I can see this is a strong community within all the threads! There's nothing better! I'm excited to become a part here! A lot of what I'm seeing here also takes place over at my friend's online streaming METAL network called "ChroniX Radio" where they stream, as their slogan says "Loud & Clear" giving listeners pure METAL streaming at 320kbps vs. what most other online streaming stations cap you out more like at 128kbps! They've got 4 dedicated stations within the Network - all dedicated to METAL, however, due to some licensing conflict their one station under "radionomy" (in middle of their website) doesn't connect in the U.S., which still leaves us with 3 stations! www.chroniXradio.net ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1.) "GRIT" (Most diverse station focusing on nu-metal, alternative/progressive metal, heavy metal and drops of other sub-genres here and there!) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.) "AGGRESSION" (this is what most listeners settle for as it's got what GRIT has but carries into the programming spectrum including: more thrash metal, hardcore metal & death metal - overall harder in general than GRIT) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.) "METAL" (Here's where the big boys play! You'll hear every "top shelf" act along with the most obscure bits of sub-genre metal including: Thrash Death Metal, Grindcore, Death Metal, Death/Doom Metal, etc.!!!) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "cjuggernaut" hosts a METAL show most nights (on their METAL station) where he spins a lot of Metalcore, Grindcore, Black Death Metal, and so on... a couple nights a week he makes his show "open request nights" too! He'll be on tonight starting at 6pm EST (18:00) and remain on air for about 3 hours. I'll definitely be there and hope to see you also! Bring a friend too! THIS WEEK's METAL SHOWS ARE AS FOLLOWS: 9/15/2019 Sun. = 6-9pm EST "The Metal Xplosion" 9/16/2019 Mon. = 6-7pm EST "Mercury"; 7-8pm EST "Metal Masters" 9/17/2019 Tues. = 6-7pm EST "Mercury"; 7-8pm EST "Metal Masters" 9/18/2019 Wed. = 6-7pm EST "Mercury"; 7-10ish pm EST "Manual ALL REQUESTS" 9/19/2019 Thurs. = 6-8pm EST "The Death Pit" __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ They have a "chat" window were we all meet up and share stories, drop requests for songs, go off in tangents... mostly just a run time with friends and EVERYONE is welcome as ChroniXradio is also a listener supported effort!!! With that being said, there's NO COST TO YOU and you don't even need to "sign up"! If you choose to use the chat feature all you'll be required to do is create a username and password and that's it!! Again, that's ONLY for the chat window. If anyone in here does drop in, please make sure you tell them "par9noid" sent you!!! They'll treat you right!!! Thanks for your consideration and we all hope to catch you on the other side! Don't forget tell them par9noid sent you!!! Respectfully,
  11. Waking The Cadaver - Tire Iron Emblugeonment
  12. Thanks, Thrashman... I'm new to these Forums (literally never been on ANY Forum) and did discover the THRASH section and have been diggin through all the posts!! I'm learning how all this works... thanks for replying! I look forward to crossing paths again.. sorry to congest the thread... just wanted to thank you for helping guide me to the right area!
  13. Yesterday's unexpected sunshine is firmly banished to the memory banks as today has been that "fine rain that gets you wet" and general dreary and dull clouds. Nipped out during current dry spell to do more weed killer on paths and driveway and also tested the resolve of my "unstainable" seating in my car by dabbing at some food with a damp cloth and no detergent (I know how to live). Now back indoors with Meantime Porter calling me to give it my attention later.
  14. There's something about their "crossover" thrash that just makes me feel "young" again (reminds me a lot of the early punk scene ENERGY in early 80's around Wash. DC when I was a mere lad back then! haha). I concur with most in this thread in that my favorite album also is "The Art of Partying" I find myself keep turning up the volume and then trouble starts!!! LOL They are more amusing/fun to me than anything .... K.I.S.S. and JUMP!! Anyway, their 2017 album "Slime & Punishment" is pretty tight but those that enjoyed The Art of Partying (both album and in practice haha!!!) as much as I have should check out their video for the first track "Breathe Grease" as it's about PARTYING... and takes me back to College days of innocent recklessness without boundaries!!! GREAT IMMATURE FUN and lots of laughs!! NEVER GROW UP!!!! We'll soon find out what their newest release will be like "The Last Rager [EP]" that hits on Oct. 11, 2019... I can't say for sure that their promotional video "wave of death" really all that much excited me as their other "work" did in the past... I'll find out soon enough! Enjoy!
  15. Plenty of recommendations to be found here: https://www.metalforum.com/forum/149-thrash-metal/ 😁
  16. Mizmor 'Cairn' Still blasting the fuck out of this.
  17. Up until two weeks ago, I hadn't even heard of Mizmor. One look at that cover and I had this record in my ears within thirty seconds. Good album artwork should pull you into a record, give some promise of what lies beneath but then also not give everything away. The songwriting, like the artwork, follows this thesis perfectly. I have listened to this everyday since discovery and I am still learning more and more about it. 'Desert of Absurdity' sets the tone perfectly with its acoustic picked strings like some desolate flourish that seeps into the harsh and abrasive wall of blackened sludgy guitars before equally acerbic vocals add a further layer to proceedings. The unmistakable BM influence rides high in the saddle for the majority of the opening track, charging at the listener yet the reins are held tight enough to always give a sense of control. When the pace does let up, it brings in the harrowing and melancholic doom influences that are balanced so well they give a real feel of transition and growth to the track. Even at over ten minutes long the track never gets boring. As it progresses through BM to death/doom soundscapes it all just keeps the attention effectively throughout. The most memorable part of the entire four tracks on this record are the banshee-esque howls that sit at the start (proper) of 'Cairn to God'. They are so penetrating and incisive that they shatter my very aura every time I listen. I sit through the atmospheric intro, waiting for them to blast me with their astringent allure like some small piece of prey who knows there's nowhere to hide and the game is up. The doom influence sits much higher here than on the opening track, which on a piece that runs over eighteen minutes is hardly surprising. The start, stop use of the riffs to structure around the vocals works really well, giving a real sense of build to proceedings. Punishing though this creation is it is equally as captivating. Mizmor means "psalm" in Hebrew and track two certainly feels like a sacred song or hymn that praises the infernal misery of life. It is a nihilistic anthem for the extreme pessimist to condemn existence to. 'Cairn to Suicide' follows a very similar format to track one. More aggressive to start but well paced enough to hold the attention. It holds less memorability for me and that is not necessarily because it is a poorly constructed song, more because it follows such a sprawling and exhausting masterpiece and the brain needs time to adjust. For this reason I imagine the album plays best as an LP since the vinyl offering comes over 4 discs which would essentially showcase the comprehensive skill on show on each track. Album closer 'The Narrowing Way' goes heavier on the doom again and is a fitting and clearly expressed end point to proceedings. There's a lot to take in over the one hour of music on offer here and not everyone will have the patience to sit through it I am sure. But for those that do the rewards are limitless. Serious contender for album of the year. 4.5/5
  18. Mgla - ‘Exercises in Futility’ true gem.
  19. I’m a huge Ozzy fan, I love all his solo stuff. Great call on ‘Secret Loser’ by the way. Wonderful song. I’ll smash that link in the quietude of my home when I get the chance. And I’ll listen hard.
  20. @Necturion @H34VYM3T4LD4V3 I have wanted to buy a switch for months but for the moment the only games that interest me are pokemon games and I find this console a little expensive. But maybe I will save money to buy the new switch, it's cheaper than the other one. Spyro games are also great and I have never played Banjo and Kazooie but it seems funny. Great bands! I have never heard them. Convulsions is the best, in my opinion.
  21. Yeah that's them. 3 Little Pigs, you must be around my age bro. Click on the link for that song, tell me what you think. I was just listening to it right now and thinking not only do I miss singing but I miss screaming even more. Its got the screams. Out of Ozzy's solo stuff my favorites are the rockers. Tattooed Dancer, Over the Mountain, Flying High Again, Suicide Solution, Ultimate Sin, Secret Loser , Bark at the Moon etc.
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