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  2. My guitars: I have two Jackson Kelly's both with EMG81's and a BC Rich Rave. My amp: Marshall JCM900 Half Stack
  3. Cannibal Corpse - Gallery of Suicide & Worm Infested
  4. I'm still reeling from last week's GoT. Almost can't bring myself to watch the finale. Also it's so hard to talk about Thrones without giving away spoilers.
  5. Whether you're a girl or a guy. If you love playing drums, play them and be the best drummer you can be. Practice, practice, practice. Practice builds muscle memory and then it becomes second nature. It takes time, dedication and work. Millions of people would love to be good at an instrument but aren't willing to put in the effort and the time it takes to get good. Since you love it, its not really work anyway. It's a journey. Your journey. Never let anyone discourage you and always do your best for yourself. Happy Drumming and best of luck.
  6. My recommendation is not free. It's about $100. It's Presonus Studio One Artist. It is recording software with lots of virtual instruments. One of the instruments is Impact which you can program drums with. If you're a musician then this is a good way to go. You can do so much with it. Its a multi track recorder. You can learning songs by looping parts and changing the tempos. Record song ideas and so much more. I believe they have a Prime version which is free or cheap to see if you like it. Not sure if it has the virtual instruments though. I use Studio One Artist which I record all my music with. It has tons of effects too like reverbs, compressors, EQ, amp simulators, etc.. YouTube Studio one Impact to see how it works. For that $100 you get the software and an audio box to plug your instruments in to for recording. Tons of professionals use it. Hope this helps.
  7. Sorry but your video shows unavailable. Was looking forward to watching.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I promise we're not always assholes to the new kid around here... You'll find that there's absolutely no following for the nu-metal bands you think are really metal though. Stick around and we might be able to help you find some bands that are actually metal.
  10. Diamond Head - The Prince Found a NWOBHM playlist on youtube that isn't all Iron Maiden and Saxon...
  11. Tell me some of those soaring melodies and galloping riffs don't make you think of Anders in foam armor riding a rainbow Pegasus towards the field of Nerf battle.
  12. Well good luck with everything Macabre. I hate that I've been forced to move back in with the parents, absolutely hate it. hasn't even been a month yet and I'm already miserable. I honestly don't know how I'll make it through the months it'll take for me to sort shit out and move out again.
  13. Dehumanized- "Prophecies Foretold" Never thought I'd hear Diabolical Masquerade referred to as "uplifting". I suppose it is relative to the monstrous Svartiðaudi
  14. Metallica - Bleeding Me (S & M)
  15. Svartidaudi - Revelations Of The Red Sword Diabolical Masquerade - Nightwork ...the wife asked for something more "uplifting" than Svartidaudi. Marriage is compromise. I'm trying.
  16. Acemang


    Sorry i dont really use forums often youre right i should have actually said something and introduced myself i just saw other people saying hey so thought it was okay.
  17. Ritual 'Soldiers Under Satan's Command'
  18. Wow, so many words. One word intro then straight off for a "help me with my screams" thread. Stall set out nicely....
  19. Hey guys ive been trying to learn how to scream for a few months all i could do before recently was growl a few noises like "yow" or "yeah" but ive finally figured out how to combine grit and Scream. I dont think im very good but im happy to see progress, i was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how i can sound better and not hurt myself and how to scream longer. heres a little clip i recorded today of me singing a bit of all out life by slipknot. What you guys think?
  20. Acemang


    Hi im Josh im 15 mostly listen to metal bands like slipknot and disturbed usually nothing heavier. Been trying to teach myself some metal vocals and its been going okay. Hope I can meet some cool people on here, get to know some cool bands and have a good time.
  21. Bulldozer - The Day of Wrath
  22. Hmmm, certainly different to what i'm used to but I like it 6.5/10
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