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  2. Heavy Metal Friday so far this morning (somebody fetch my wolf skin loin cloth and prep my trusty steed - I am going on a pillage) Grand Magus ‘Wolf God’ Smoulder ‘Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring’
  3. Departure Chandelier - Antichrist Rise to Power
  4. EZ Drummer is a very good and easy to use, and with some tweaking it can sound great. And like FatherAlbaster said above me, Superior Drummer is also a very good option. Particularly with The Metal Foundry expansion which, which comes with many new sounds and new kits. There are also alternatives like Studio Drummer and various Kontakt libraries like the Steven Slate library. Personally, I like to mix it up and create "hybrid sets", taking various samples from different drum sets, to tweak them and attempt to create my own sound. Its a nightmare to edit but its worth it, sometimes. As for bass guitars, I recommend getting a real bass. VST/VSTis which simulate bass aren't that great. But... if you have no other choice, then id say go with "Spectrasonics Trilian". Thats the only virtual bass I would recommend.
  5. Yeah their last couple were still good and i`ll always think of them fondly. In some ways I believe they have in fact improved in their production aspects, as well in their overall performance. But I think that the spark they had when they did their first album is simply not there anymore. It happens to many bands. Its not that they lost their touch, but it simply feels like they got into a cycle of repetition, and the market itself has changed so they too found their own way to adapt. Or, thats what I think anyway. Like, hypothetically speaking, lets say that Dusk and her Embrace came out right now, in 2019. Whose to say it would be as well received right now, as it was back then. We will never know. As for your project, I must say I think your music is fantastic! everything sounds great, and the overall arrangements are top notch. The songs have a very strong sense to them, great song progression. Though one album in particular shines above the others. The one titled "Abject", stands out to me. It feels like it has the most energy and innovations. Just my personal preference I guess. The song "Host" is my favorite one in there, but all the others are just as good. I hope you will be able to find time to make more songs! their all fantastic!
  6. I live in indianapolis, ready to get the fuck out of this state, got the funds to do it and wherever theres a band in need of a guitarist, im traveling to wherever you guys are at, straightedge bastards can go ahead and lick a taint, i shall deliver unto you, the most brutal and most agonizing of riffs as well as many a toke
  7. Welcome. I see you have a Type O Negative avatar, what other bands are you into?
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  9. I'm not really one for introductions, but I decided that it would be rewarding to join a metal forum! I would love to make some new friends here 😄
  10. Blutschrei- "Voice of the Forbidden Pride"
  11. Haha, thanks very much. I hope so
  12. Massacre - Defeat Remains I like the song called instrumental
  13. I’m a vocalist that do Death Metal music anyone need a Death Metal Vocalist im your guy🤘
  14. Slidhr - Spit of the Apostate Rebirth of Nefast - Tabernaculum
  15. One man dissonant black metal project from Germany. Definetely weird.
  16. Xasthur - 'A Gate Through Blood Stained Mirrors' Thulcandra - 'Fallen Angels Dominion'
  17. Hey there, this doesn't really qualify as an album review so I am locking this, it just describes the band's sound which ain't a review by any means I am afraid.
  18. if you're looking for thrash, check out bands like: Phantom Witch: https://phantom-witch.bandcamp.com/ Invicta: https://invictacanada.bandcamp.com/ Toxic Holocaust: https://toxicholocaust.bandcamp.com/ Raider: https://raiderofficial.bandcamp.com/ Untimely Demise: https://untimelydemise.bandcamp.com/ Aepoch: https://aepochmetal.bandcamp.com/
  19. "I fucked up" - Kyle Thomas, Heavy As Texas Debut, Death of a Prodigy (Song 3), 1m 56s into the song.
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