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  2. Hey, what are you still looking for? I do vocals, prefer to do highers but can do lows too
  3. Fen - The Dead Light ...the future is now! Edit - gotta say this fantastic at first listen, I'm enjoying the slightly heavier/more complex riffing that pops up here and there. Glad they didn't just try to out-atmosphere themselves again. Feels like a welcome development.
  4. Marduk - ‘Frontschwein’ The 503’s gonna roll your asses. Bow down.
  5. Finally left the dinner at 11pm!! They were still going strong with old cheese and fresh jokes. Downing a quick JD and coke before home and the coffin. Maybe two JDs....
  6. Hi, How early should you arrive to a metal concert before doors open in a medium-sized club? And how early should you arrive if you want to get the front row? Thanks
  7. Well I didn't make the state squad for the national titles and that's fine. Now it's all about working even harder to develop my skills, improve my fitness, and really attack the back half of this season then next season and have another crack. You know it's so weird knowing that in the past I'd take this news really hard but after recent events it's not that serious. In the grand scheme of things yeah I'd love to represent my state but cricket is just a part of my life not the be all and end all.
  8. The weekend has hit like the plague in Eyam, and in 90 minutes I'm off to a sophisticated dinner party gathering. It's usually really good at this couple's dinner parties, but they're not metal. With any luck it will wrap up in a few hours and I can hit the pub. I'll fucking keep everyone updated.
  9. Cradle of Filth - 'Eleven Burial Masses'
  10. Different FA. There’s a lot of good things written about you.
  11. Hey everyone, Joined up recently to learn more from the community. Not trying to post a damn PSA here, but to describe myself, my name is Kyle and I run a little record shop here in Houston, Tx. and am a total metal noob lol (maybe not that bad but I'm definitely a novice). Y'all's posts are teaching me a lot that I need to learn as it seems the metal community has kinda become our main audience and I'd like to have more knowledge as we work with more and more customers. I will mostly be reading stuff on the various feeds and pretty much only posting on the PSA forum side of things as we get a lot rare metal records, tapes, CDs, and memorabilia frequently. Being in Texas, we get some crazy stuff, too! (e.g. Devastation, Dead Horse, Pantera, etc.). 🔥🤘🔥 -Kyle
  13. Quite a big year for metal, although every year is these days when I have so many mandatory-listening bands. Rotting Christ – ‘The Heretics’, Amon Amarth – ‘Berzerker’ and Darkthrone – ‘Old Star’ significantly underwhelmed. Other releases like Swallow the Sun – ‘When a Shadow is Forced Into the Light’, Turilli/Leone Rhapsody – ‘Zero Gravity’ and even Children of Bodom – ‘Hexed’ were unlucky to miss a spot in my Top 10, but the former was too bland and the latter two were too light on without staying power. Jury’s still out on Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra – ‘Legacy of the Dark Land’, the all symphonic fantasy novel epic that’s just come out, but as much as I really like it, I know it’s not going to make my Top 10. Requiem’s Top 10 Albums of 2019 10. Sabaton – ‘The Great War’ I wasn’t sure about this one. It felt wrong to include this. It’s cartoon metal, it’s corny, it’s history for dumb-asses, but it’s oh so much fun. Fist pumping, rousing, emotional and catchy, this is brilliant. Not sure of its longevity though as it’s real fast-food metal, but damn a cheeseburger can be great sometimes. Put this on after a shite day at work in the car on the way home and your problems are solved. That means a lot. Avoid the ‘History Edition’ with someone’s granny trying to sound tough with lame narration. Terrible. Also a pretty dodgy album cover too but it's alright for a cartoon. 9. Kampfar – ‘Ofidians Manifest’ After taking a cold shower at the conclusion of the Sabaton assessment, I can now get into this absolute gem. Emotional black metal with real authenticity and meaning, it’s full of great moments and genuine songwriting passion (Rotting Christ take note). 8 parts black, 2 parts folk, the inclusion of (nekro) piano here and there gives it flavour and nuance. Fantastic album cover of the Rubens ‘Medusa’ classic painting. 8. The 69 Eyes – ‘West End’ The 69’ers know exactly who they are and what they do, and I love what it is they do. This is probably their best album of gothic rock since 2004’s ‘Devils’ album. Modern vampire anthems from the Sunset Strip like ’27 and Done’ and ‘Outsiders’ have me wearing sunglasses at night. Producer and keyboardist Johnny Lee Michaels gives them that mature sensibility that just works so well for the Helsinki Vampires. Cool album cover; the black balloons are actually a full-on sculpture. Very nice. 7. Mgla – ‘Age of Excuse’ This took a long time to grow on me to the extent that I went from liking it to loving it. I was, and still am, entirely enraptured with ‘Exercises in Futility’, and this definitely doesn’t stack up to that masterpiece, but it has the same aura, structure and production, basically, just without some of the huge hooks of that former album. Is it my imagination or are the lyrics a little more opaque, too? Still an amazing album that continues to develop for me. Artwork gets some stick around here, but I think it’s cool. 6. Vltimas – ‘Something Wicked Marches In’ This was a big surprise for me – not just the music, but the idea of it. The recipe was nearly perfect: Dave Vincent, the mighty Blasphemer and Flo: what could go wrong? Blasphemer’s songwriting is close enough to his era in Mayhem to get me powerfully aroused, Vincent sounds huge, and the songs just work as units of music. I’m punching air fists everywhere. ‘Last Ones Alive Win Nothing’ could be my song of the year. God, it's so damn sinister. Excellent album art that suits the band and the sound, even if it is done by that flavour of the month guy with the impossible to spell name. 5. Borknagar – ‘True North’ With Vintersorg stepping aside, I knew this would still be an amazing album, with Vortex and Lars doing all the vocals themselves. This could well be my favourite Borknagar album ever. The production is absolutely perfect, the songs are achingly beautiful, the vocals are stellar and there’s a sense of meaning and philosophy behind the whole project that provides Truth. Possibly the album cover of the year. 4. Saor – ‘Forgotten Paths’ Andy Marshall’s Scottish black/folk metal project is metal’s greatest hidden secret. While this is strangely a full 20 minutes shorter in length than previous album ‘Guardians’, which is one of my all-time favourite albums, this still contains those Celtic melodies that pull at the heart strings and the DNA strands. Even with the shorter running time it’s a touch repetitive, even for me, but as a package the whole thing is stunningly beautiful. What an achievement. Cool illustrated album cover. 3. Fleshgod Apocalypse – ‘Veleno’ This is the first of the three albums that in any given year could take out the number one spot. You hear a lot of bollocks about FA online, but the fact is, the genius behind this band and their death metal/symphony orchestra staggers me every time. ‘Veleno’ is slightly more straightforward and listenable to my ears, and the concept of ‘poison’ that runs through each song is genius. I’ve used that word twice now and I stand behind it. This album moves me on a profound level. Interesting and very strange album artwork. I think I like it. 2. Mayhem – ‘Daemon’ Yes, well, here we are. It’s no secret that Mayhem are my favourite all time band, and it’s no secret that I really didn’t like ‘Esoteric Borefare’. I hung internet shit on Teloch as well. I owe him and the band an apology, because this album is unbelievable. For me to love this album this much after being very sceptical of the line-up and the whole deal says a lot. The thing about ‘Daemon’ is that it’s REAL. It’s not over-mastered, it’s not over-produced, it’s not a cut-price job. It’s authentic, varied, deep, darkly catchy and with no corners cut. Hats fucking off. Cool album cover and fantastic media book art package. 1. Eluveitie – ‘Ategnatos’ Speaking of albums done right. This is by far the greatest Eluveitie album. It’s long as hell but never boring: it has some of the greatest folk melodies on traditional instruments I’ve ever heard; some of the catchiest commercial metal anthems ever; and songs that out Behemoth Behemoth in their dark ferocity (check out 'Worship' - Nergal must be crying to his mamma). I was worried about the replacement female vocalist, Fabienne, because I simply loved Anna’s voice, but dammit if Fabienne isn’t better! Where the hell does Chrigel find these people? Best folk metal album of all time and best album of the year. Beautiful album art of that waterfall from the ‘Ategnatos’ video and majestic booklet in my mediabook edition.
  14. Awesome mate! Happy for ya dude
  15. Blood Incantation - Hidden History Of The Human Race Mortiferum - Disgorged From Psychotic Depths
  16. Yesterday
  17. Dawn of Solace - Lead Wings. Album due next year, this lead single is clean vocals and highly enjoyable.
  18. No massive lightning storms in the forecast, I think I'll just wait for it In the meantime, NP: Fen - Carrion Skies
  19. I guess it's already December 6th where you are? Oh to be living in the future... I'll be checking it out tomorrow.
  20. Fen - The Dead Light. Enjoyable but a little slicker than Winter. Nebula is a really great song to start with if anyone wants to dip their toe into the water.
  21. Autopsy - Severed Survival
  22. Overkill - Playing With Spiders/SkullKrusher
  23. Hell yeah dude, that is good news, way to go and best wishes.
  24. I just got fantastic news. I was accepted into the Journalism degree I applied for and start in early March. 3 years full time, 3 subjects per semmester.
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