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    Atrox - Orgasm
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    Rate the song above you!

    And yet the album art for Jugulator was so cool a lot of fair points there, but of a weird album but I have grown to love it. 9/10 That was awesome! Why haven’t I heard of those guys before.
  5. ivanderneymar

    Non-metal music

    so when i first listen to metal i think i was 13-14 years old i always think why i must listen outside of metal music because on metal we can heard anything musical influence's start from blues,classical,jazz,punk,hardcore,etc. but 7-8 years later i am realized i need back roots of metal music. cause you know if there's not classical or blues or proto rock music. there will not be metal sub-genre even will not exists. so i decided to learn all kind of music which related with Metal music improvement yeah not only blues,classical also some ambient music,jazz (which later inspired Technical death metal, avant-garde/experimental metal band) ,hardcore,punk,folk music and even some pop song i've listen to and i try to learn some electronic music too
  6. ivanderneymar

    What Are You Listening To?

    Proceus - Maharaja
  7. True Belief

    What Are You Listening To?

    You’ll love Suite Sister Mary. Epic.
  8. Requiem

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    Queensryche - 'Operation Mindcrime'
  9. MacabreEternal

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    Carpathian Forest “Through Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods”
  10. Requiem

    Anger Management

    Try this on for some anger and pain:
  11. I'm not averse to image per se, and I love the image of black metal bands that get it right, because it seems to fit. Everything in context. The old shots of Darkthrone and Mayhem are haunting and amazing, because they fit the vibe of what's going on. I love image and theatre when there's a sense of authenticity to it. The shoe has to fit for it to make sense.
  12. Requiem

    Top 10 Albums of Any Given Year

    This had nothing to do with your Coroner shirt. You receive respect and tribute wherever you go. Nice list by the way and it reminds me I have some listening to do.
  13. Balor

    howdy dudey

    Welcome! What other extreme genres do you listen to?
  14. Tortuga

    howdy dudey

    God damn motorbikes!!!! They have been keeping me up late the last few nights...been watching to many old biker movies online on the expense of my beauty sleep But anyway, please to meet you, welcome to forum, and all that "shyte"
  15. Tortuga

    Asian metal music

    I like the old stuff like Loudness and early X-Japan etc. But other wise, let's just say that my knowledge on more recent Asian metal is very limited. I did however stumble over an interesting band from Mongolia on YouTube recently called The Hu which delivers some fine folk metal.
  16. Tortuga

    Songs that have caught your fancy lately

    Belladonna and aconite by Inkubus Sukkubus. I just cannot stop listening to it and I fear that I may end up wearing that tiny, but extremely important part of the CD down. This has happend before... I litterally wore WASP's piece of master work, Helldorado down until it hypothetically speaking crumbled and died in my hands.
  17. Tortuga

    The Spooky Stuff Thread

    Right...that is a bit creepy, I give you that!!! Since I was eight years old I have been experiencing sleep paralysis and I am not afraid to admit that for the first many years it scared the hell out of me until I got the chance to do some research and find out what really was going. Sleep paralysis is basically the opposite both physically and mentally of deep meditation...so no biggie really. But it does open up to things and sensations that you are normally perhaps not sensitive to and simply therefor do not registre in everyday life. And no, despite what you may think then sleep paralysis is quite common and has known about since time in memorial: the term night mare stems from the Norse mareridt.. which referes to a mare (succubus or incubus creature orr even an old hag) "ridning" you meaning sitting on your chest which referes to the paralysed sensation that you experience during sleep paralysis. And in Asia the term ghost dreaming has been used for centuries to describe sleep paralysis. So regardless of how you feel should you have experienced sleep paralysis then you are far from the only one! So you say that you start out hearing a static sound, then this sound is mixed with a child's voice, and then you feel a presence of somebody standing next to you... and it takes place in the very early hours of the morning? That sounds a hell of a lot like sleep paralysis to me! Do you feel paralysed when experiencing this? Because if you do then I am willing to bet my life that it is a true case of sleep paralysis! As to what sleep paralysis is in a metaphysical sense and if you can have the same recurring sleep paralysis experience like a child asking "Are you there?" then I cannot offer any absolute truths: some say that sleep paralysis is nothing more than dreams who have overstayed their welcome so to speak whilst others claim that for a breif moment (and yes, a sleep paralysis experience or attack depending on how you approach it last less than a few minutes even though they can feel like an eternity). But as with meditation which is the mirror image so to speak of sleep paralysis then the astral world will never be able to harm you physically!!!! And finally if you can have a recurring dream then there is no reason why you cannot have a recurring sleep paralysis experience. There are however a few things that you can do to prevent or trigger a sleep paralysis experience; Going without enough sleep for more than a day or two. Heavy, deep, and dreamless sleeping as a result of a period of too little sleep is, if you are prone to sleep paralysis, an invite to just that because the last cycle of the REM sleep in a normal sleep rythm tries to compensate for the lack of REM sleep the previous nights/days and there for goes a bit overboard. Eating too much - and too heavy food just before bedtime The after math of an aura migraine Stress Now I am not saying that what you have experienced is all due to sleep paralysis...full stop!!! So if we assume that it is not the case, then is there any way that you can record this sound phenomenon? Because if you do manage to snatch up anything then no, it is clearly not your mind which is a bit off. And I would also look into this infrasound if I was you as itt seems like something that could trigger sleep paralysis too. Do you know of any recently newdevices or occurences near you that might be the cause?
  18. True Belief

    Top 10 Albums of Any Given Year

    True Belief's favorite albums of 1988 10. Riot: Thundersteel The previous two releases sucked quite frankly, but a brand new lineup pushed this into a more European speed metal sound and that's a good thing. New vocalist Tony Moore's vocals are a standout as is the unapologetic speed metal approach. Starts off with the powerhouse coupling of "Thundersteel" and "Fight or Fall" and seldom relents. The galop of "Flight of the Warrior" (later covered very well by Hammerfall) and the Accept-like riffage of "On Wings of the Eagle" other standouts. I recall being blown away with the speed and intensity of the thing at the time. Thank god they ditched that absurd half man-half seal mascot thing. Today they exist as Riot V and are absolutely worthy of your attention. 9. Death: Leprosy Picks itself this one, its just a matter of where in the 10 it sits. I wasn't a huge DM fan back then but taste's change so it sits up quite high at #9 for me. Bludgeoning production, deliciously thick riffs..."Leprosy", "Forgotten Past", "Left to Die", "Pull the Plug", "Open Casket", "Born Dead"...Rick Rozz's powerhouse riffing sitting perfectly alongside Chuck's shredding and a more mature songwriting approach (especially lyrically). A death metal masterpiece that showcased Death's growing musical sensibilities. 8. Running Wild: Port Royal My first Running Wild album and damn if I didn't love it to death. I wasn't really taken by the whole Pirate thing but the songwriting was just irresistible. Probably the greatest power metal band of all time with an 8-album run of perfection from the preceding year's Under Jolly Roger to 1998's "The Rivalry". Rolf's vocals were a bit of a weak link back then but he had such an ear for melody and an incredible ability to pull riffs out of the air. 8 minute epic closer "Calico Jack" is brilliant. Shit the bed unfortunately and are pretty much a solo act nowadays. They've never recovered from the Angelo Sasso scandal hah ha! 7. Iron Maiden: Seventh Son Its funny how you evaluate things differently in the fullness of time. If I'd compiled this list 10-15 years ago there's no way this would have featured in my favorite 50 let alone favorite 10. In fact after I bought the lead single "Can I Play with Madness" I half considered not grabbing the album proper when it landed. To me the changes evident on the (admittingly incredible) "Somewhere in Time" were further solidified here and at the time my friends and I were really worried. Nowadays in the context of their whole career I can look back and enjoy it for what it was - not fear it for what I thought was a sign of the band shitting the bed for good. There's some filler and the cover sucks but this is really good music. 6. Ozzy: No Rest for the Wicked Damn this is underrated. Ozzy's first with Zakk Wylde and there's a massive change in sound from the lightweight, thin and squeaky clean "Ultimate Sin". Much heavier with a real focus on thick riffs and groove, I would concede the production is little muddy but that doesn't matter because there are some absolutely smoking tracks on this. "Miracle Man", "Bloodbath in Paradise", "Demon Alcohol", "Tattooed Dancer" and the amazing "Breaking all the Rules" which rolls along on such a simple yet brilliant riff and a massive bottom end. Truth be told I enjoy this album more than "No More Tears'. 5. Coroner: Punishment for Decadence Bit of a transition album this one imo, Coroner branching out a little in terms of the incorporation of more technical and experimental moments which would culminate in sheer brilliance on the follow-up to this. However theres no doubting the brains and technical proficiency here. Quite chaotic yet totally coherent all at the same time. "Absored" is a fantastic opener showcasing all the timing changes, progressiveness and Celtic Frost inspired thrash we'd expect (and get) throughout. Coroner were so underrated; nowadays their name seems to get dropped by people courting respect in the metal world but I'm glad I was there from (almost) the start. Tommy Vetterli take a bow. You are a monster. {Note: Full disclosure, I did wear my "Punishment.." shirt to the Dee Snider concert last week and I got plenty of respect, people getting out of my way as I headed to the bar...nodding as I walked by.} 4. King Diamond: Them As a kid growing up the whole Mercyful Fate/King Diamond thing was just so damn confusing. Being down in Australia I think the MF hiatus after 1984 didn't really reach me. I got lost in what the hell was going on. I probably overlooked KD releases (hard to believe you'd overlook Abigail!), thinking it was a 'temporary' thing - hard to explain. Fatal Portrait sounded 'ok' but it wasn't anywhere near the magnificence of "Don't Break the Oath", "Melissa" or the s/t EP. Anyway, "Them" changed things for me and while its not my favorite King Diamond album, its impeccably constructed and performed. My musical pallet was opening up around this time too and I started to warm to King's theatrics. Musicianship on this album is flawless. Andy La Rocque, Pete Blakk and Hal Patino deserve all the credit and respect they get. Mikkey Dee's final album with KD. 3. Sabbat: History of a Time to Come I want everyone to take note: "History..." is one of the most blistering, complex and musically brilliant thrash albums of all time. Andy Sneap (yes....THAT Andy Sneap) producing an absolute factory of riffs; Martin Walkyier's raspy almost Jeff Walker-like vocals and a subtle yet noticeable pagan influence standing this so far apart from the standard commercial US thrash sound. After a brief intro..."A Cautionary Tale" blasts out of the speakers and make no mistake this is serious business. Cracking song, cracking album. Handle with care - absolutely razor sharp. Thrash metal royalty. Could easily have landed this at #2. 2. Metallica: And Justice for All (except Jason) When I think of this album I think of us going to the record store upon release and one of my friends picking up the double-gatefold version and walking out with a copy under his jacket. We then got (ran to) the bus and went home drooling over the thing..wondering what the hell was inside. These were the days when record stores kept the wax inside the cover so you could pick it up and walk out with it. Things changed pretty quickly. Flaws aside, this is James' best vocal performance by a mile; the guitar tone is godly and similar to old mate Requiem, at the time I thought it was a bit 'dry' sounding but didn't notice all the fuss about the missing bass. "Dyers Eve" is a bona fide classic, although I'm a bit tired of it given its 30 years old "One" still contains moments of face melting goodness and the brooding "Harvester of Sorrow" is criminally overlooked. Not really sure where the band had to go after this.... 1. Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime Hands down the single greatest collection of 'songs' complied to form a single album that I own. Yes it was all bound in a brilliant storyline and yes it was woven together by some wonderfully emotive and thoughtful instrumental interludes (for example hear how 'Waiting for 22' bleeds into 'My Empty Room' which explodes into the single most monumental album closer of all time "Eyes of a Stranger"). And yes Geoff Tate & Chris DeGarmo can never be replaced (unlike drummer Scott Rockenfield, new singer Todd La Torre laying down all drum tracks for the upcoming album.)….. Album highlights are too many to mention but I will anyway "Revolution Calling", "Operation Mindcrime with the brilliant telephone conversation intro...the melodic, gothic master play of "The Mission"... Pamela Moore's appearance as "Sister Mary". The commercial 1-2 of "I Don't Believe in Love" and "Breaking the Silence"....the speedy Helloween-inspired "The Needle Never Lies". I remember buying this form a little store called "Metal for Melbourne" here in (funnily enough) Melbourne while my dad was holding a talk at the National Gallery of Victoria over the river. Funny how you recall these little moments. No band has ever been able to perfectly weave the phrase 'raison d'etre' into a song like Geoff Tate. Buy this album folks.
  19. Tortuga

    Judging by the cover

    I admit to buying a record or CD just by looking at it, but in the majority of cases they have been second hand purchases: in around 80% of these purchases I have not regretted splashing a bit of money out. Liking the cover was after all how I discovered WASP, Astarte, and Charta 77 (Swedish punk band). However I have never been well off financially speaking so when I have had the chance then I have prelistend to a band before buying any of their music, which is a lot easier today with YouTube. In the past most of my CD buying took place after gigs at band stores.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Izmoroz - Chupacabra
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    Cradle Of Filth - Cruelty And The Beast
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    Rotting Christ - The Heretics
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    Fleshgod Appcalypse - ‘King’ The Dead Daisies - ‘Burn it Down’
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    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    Aleister Crowely - ‘Liber al vel Legis’ Aleister Crowley - ‘The Book of the Goetia’ Thy Light - ‘Suici.De.Pression’ Korpiklaani ticket Eluveitie ticket
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Svartidaudi - Revelations Of The Red Sword Ossuarium - Living Tomb Altarage - The Approaching Rooooaaaargh Perverticon - Wounds Of Divinity ...not doing it for me Cradle Of Filth - Dusk... And Her Embrace
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    Mayhem - Deathcrush Observing Valentine's Day appropriately. 🤘
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