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  2. Does anyone know about any good metal channels on youtube? I severely disagree with Banger tv taste wise, maybe its more for the younger crowd I guess. I like Downfall Network's restrospectives and Metal Mythos retrospectives but they hardly have anything new. I haven't been able to find anything good in a while.
  3. I hated Metal hammer, I remember seeing their issues full of emo and pop punk to the point it made me want to puke. Maybe you get Iron Maiden for a few pages then crap. Couldn't even use it for toilet paper with the slick paper they used. They should've renamed it Emo Dousche there was nothing metal about it. Just checked out Cult Never Dies- its right up my alley for sure. I'm thinking of ordering the Damage Inc Anthology 1985-2017. http://www.cultneverdies.com/p/ultra-damaged-damage-inc-zine-anthology_21.html
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  5. So a lot of my favorites like Ozzy, Sabbath, Slayer etc have been retiring in recent years and who knows whos going to be next. It looks like only Slipknot has stepped up to the plate as far as NU bands to head new tour/fests. I'm not their biggest fan but Slipknot did have knotfest which seems like an obvious replacement for ozzfest. SoaD and Korn have headlined ozzfests but when they put together their own packages they always have rap and emo acts on their tours, they've never headlined and put together their own metal tours/fests. I really don't see them changing that either. What I want to know is who will be the big headliners from that wave of bands that came out with videos on the new headbangers ball and uranium in the early-mid 2000s? There were a lot of emerging genres like core, bm, nwoahm, mathmetal, melodeath, deathcore etc. Tons of bands that had videos. I mean the new bands of that time that had videos or that had been around a few years prior but were unheard of until blowing up after hbb/uranium promotion. that wave of new bands we got immediately after numetal, the core wave (don't have to be core, just that time period).. My picks are Mastodon, High on Fire (I don't care if its Sleep right now I see HoF coming back) and Meshuggah as I think they will be around a long time, get even bigger, are consistent quality wise (in my opinion). I don't see them putting any emo or rap bands on their tour packages. I think they'll fly the flag. All of them are already fairly popular. But what do you guys think? Who will be the next big headliners from that 2000s wave of bands? By the way, I think we'll see tours come back next year, this corona crap can't last forever.
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  7. Cavalera Conspiracy - Bloodbrawl
  8. Yeah, there seems to be an endless supply of good obscure Brazilian bands out there. This is another one. I would never have heard of these guys if a Brazilian girl hadn't randomly kindly bought their CD for me while back in Brazil... (Faces Of Death - Consummatum Est)
  9. Torture Squad - Man Behind The Mask Nice. I feel there's so many good Brazilians bands that I never heard before
  10. Never really got into this before, but I'm liking it now. Are you familiar with the Brazilian Abhorrence? Their demo is also well worth checking if not...
  11. Abhorrence - Vulgar Necrolatry demo
  12. Got on some underground hip-hop today. Mainstream has killed the genre. People think Drake is actually hip-hop. Hell naw. Jedi Mind Tricks - San La Muerte
  13. Had some Jose Cuervo tequila the other night and treating myself to Cherry Liqueur Jim Beam whisky tonight with a 12 pack of Sol beer. Throw in a bit of lime and it's perfect. Watch some comedy then browse YouTube looking at random stuff. Couldn't ask for more.
  14. New Void Rot single (Descending Pillars)
  15. Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal - (2005) Few bands get to go out on a high note and this is arguably their best release. Proud to finally have this on CD and be stripping the paint from the walls by blasting The Killchain like some fucking teenager. Resplendent death metal that is utterly relentless in it's drive and direction. Deftones - Adrenaline - (1995) Not their best album by a long chalk but there's a tautness to the sound on here that belies their more explosive outbursts some years later. A lot of immaturity is obvious here but also equal amounts of brooding talent just not yet able to be expressed enough by the skill set of the group. They kept this pent up emotion constant right up until Gore although arguably it was on the wane before then, but my point is that I can track what I get on their debut and hear it through most of their recorded output over the next 20 years. Warlock - Triumph and Agony - (1987) Despite the excessive marketing of Doro as a sex symbol in the 80's (and let's be honest, who wouldn't ? - Sue me.) it was obvious she was a powerful vocalist not afraid to trade blows with the best of metal front men and women out there and Warlock's 1987 album shows this. Trademark cheesy lyrics aside this was a band full of talent being led by a determined sounding young lady who could deliver. Songwriting isn't brilliant but 10 out of 10 for effort Warlock.
  16. Warlock - Triumph and Agony Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal Bolt Thrower - ...For Victory
  17. אלמנה שחורה - דם צפרדע (translation: Almana Shchora- Blood)
  18. Katatonia - Dance of December Souls Deftones - Adrenaline
  19. Bhavesh


    I think having a tattoo is not so good.
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  21. Thanks, I have a 4 pack of it with a branded glass so happy with that haul. Longer term drink is my bottle of Highland Park Odin Single Malt in ornate Viking longboat style stand.
  22. Actually a new band out my home country, Canada, called "Ritual Dictates".
  23. La Chouffe is good stuff. Happy birthday man!
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